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Bibs for the bottle!

Baby bibs have gone to a new level!  The patent pending Scrunch Bottle Bib® is the new revolutionary way to protect infants from spills during bottle feeding.  Scrunch Bottle Bibs® make perfect baby gifts for babies and new parents.  Keep your baby's neck free of milk, sour odor and rashes by catching the drip that traditional bibs leave behind.  Give unique baby gifts to your friends and family and purchase a Scrunch Bottle Bib® today! 
  • No more sour necks
  • No need to "try" removing a wet bib from a baby that has fallen asleep during feeding.
  • No more struggling with bibs, paper towels and burp cloths to catch the spills that traditional bibs never will.

For decades parents have struggled to keep their babies clean during bottle feeding and when it comes to keeping those spills from ending up in the tender necks of infants, traditional bibs just don't do the job.  They always leave a gap between the neck and the bib and thus creating the perfect path for milk to stream down the neck and settle in the most difficult area to reach.  Many caretakers continue to juggle with paper towels, burp cloths and anything else they can find to hold up to their baby's chin in an effort to catch the spills.  This can prove to be no easy task when our nosy little ones turn their heads at every sound or object they hear or see.  Not to mention having to hold the bottle AND the paper towel with the same hand.

Be sure to check out the video and see how easy it is to use the Scrunch Bottle Bib.  Stop struggling with spills and get the new baby bibs that do the clean-up job for you.

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